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Orlando Family Law Attorney Jane Goodlaw, P.A. handles complex contested and uncontested Florida divorce cases, as well as all matters relating to marital and family law in Central Florida. Ms. Jane Goodlaw’s style of aggressive yet caring representation embodies her approach to the practice of Florida law and helps solidify her for being regarded as a top Orlando child support attorney. You deserve a family law practitioner that will aggressively protect your rights at all times, yet will never lose sight of the emotional and financial impact caused by divorce.

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The laws in Florida are very specific when it comes to the best interest of children, especially regarding financial child support. If you are the parent or guardian of a child under the age of 18 and residing in Orlando or the Central Florida area, Jane Goodlaw will be happy to help you with your Orlando child support issues.

Ms. Jane Goodlaw has worked for years representing children and families as an Orlando Child Support Attorney. She has developed an excellent reputation and track record for helping clients get the level of child support their child(ren) deserve.

Parents’ incomes are used to determine the amount of child support in Florida. Factors such as who the majority of the child’s custody or overnights, certain child expenses and the individual incomes of the parents must be factored to determine the amount of child support to be awarded. An experienced Orlando child support attorney will comb through both party’s financial records which are mandated by financial disclosure under Florida Law. After looking through finances, the child support attorney will be able to determine a guideline child support amount. If you don’t hire an experienced attorney in these matters, your child may miss out on potential money due. Additionally, the law is clear that parents cannot contract away a child’s right to support. If parents are looking to do this, they should first consult with an experienced child support attorney.

Ms. Jane Goodlaw is experienced in representing both payees and payors, i.e., parents who receive child support and parents who pay child support. Often, it is preferable for both sides to work toward a mediated settlement that is agreeable and fair to both parties. In this way, a child support agreement can be created without the need to fight in court. This can keep legal fees lower.

However, if the need to go to court to contest or amend the amount of child support paid is necessary, Attorney Jane Goodlaw will aggressively fight for the rights of your children. This may become necessary if back child support is owed or if one parent refuses to pay child support.

Ms. Jane Goodlaw can also help in determining paternity of the child as a prelude to calculating the amount of child support that is either owed or to be ordered in the future. Whatever the case, Attorney Jane Goodlaw has extensive experience as an Orlando Child Support Lawyer. Please contact our office today to set up a consultation and to get your child support case moving.