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DUI, DWI, Felony & Misdemeanors

Attorney Jane Goodlaw is a Florida Bar Board Certified Lawyer specializing in criminal law including DUI / DWI arrests. This Certification is the highest level of recognition by the Florida Bar of the competency and experience of an attorney. While there are many attorneys practicing criminal law, few have the distinction Ms. Jane Goodlaw has of being Florida Bar Board Certified. When considering the hire of an attorney, you should always ask if he or she is Board Certified in criminal law. If the attorney is not, then you should thoroughly investigate the experience and capabilities of that attorney. Hiring an attorney who is Board Certified, such as Jane Goodlaw, assures you the attorney has been ranked by judges, other attorneys and the Florida Bar as having a high level of expertise and capability in criminal trial law. When it is your freedom on the line, you owe it to yourself to have that kind of expertise working for you. In her 25 year career, Ms. Jane Goodlaw has gained the knowledge, expertise and experience you need to have on your side.

If you are being accused of a crime you deserve an attorney who will fight for your rights. Your future is at stake. Being charged and convicted of a crime can lead to job loss, a criminal record, and jail time. Don’t settle for anything less than an aggressive attorney dedicated to fighting for your well-being. Ms. Jane Goodlaw is most mindful of the grave concerns of her clients and their families. Our number one goal is to keep our clients free from the threat of incarceration. The Law Office of Jane Goodlaw is fully committed to protecting your rights and advocating for your interests during a family crisis, criminal accusation, or DUI arrest. Ms. Jane Goodlaw is known and respected by judges, prosecutors, and other lawyers. For an aggressive criminal lawyer who will represent your interests and vigorously fight for your rights, call Jane Goodlaw.

If you or a loved one have been accused of a crime you probably have many questions regarding his or her specific case. Hiring a competent criminal defense attorney is the only way to get specific answers regarding your issues.

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