Attorney Client Privilege

Most of us have seen a television courtroom drama where the term “Attorney Client Privilege” was used. What this generally means is the client has disclosed information to the attorney regarding the case at hand. The television drama usually unfolds as the attorney struggles with what to do with this information.

In real life there is no question how the attorney would proceed. The laws are very clear pertaining to attorney client privilege and “client confidentiality”. The attorney is legally and ethically bound to keep all disclosed information private. To advise a client properly, an attorney must have a complete knowledge of all the facts of the case. This includes facts that may not reflect you in the best light.

This privilege encourages open and honest communication between clients and attorneys, and is considered as one of the strongest privileges available under law.

When you speak with your attorney about a legal matter, your communications with that attorney are privileged, and unless you give permission, your attorney can’t disclose any information you provide to a third party.

For more information regarding Attorney Client Privilege visit: Attorney-client privilege

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