Divorce Law

Orlando Family Law Attorney Jane Goodlaw, P.A. handles complex contested and uncontested Florida divorce cases, as well as all matters relating to marital and family law in Central Florida. Ms. Jane Goodlaw’s style of aggressive yet caring representation embodies her approach to the practice of Florida law and helps solidify her for being regarded as a top Orlando divorce Attorney. You deserve an Orlando custody attorney and family law practitioner that will aggressively protect your rights at all times, yet will never lose sight of the emotional and financial impact caused by divorce.


Divorce is not something to be taken lightly.  It should be an avenue of last resort. There are many issues, legal and emotional to consider when one party decides to file for divorce in Orlando. Hiring an experienced Orlando divorce attorney is one of the best decisions you can make.

If you feel it is time to take the next step, please contact Jane Goodlaw. We can help discuss your options. In many cases, you may be able to settle your divorce, child custody, division of marital property, and assets without litigation. This can save you time, money and a lot of stress. However, if one or both sides decide to strongly contest the divorce, time sharing (custody) or division of assets, Jane Goodlaw will bring her vast experience as an Orlando divorce lawyer to the process for you.


If the paternity of a child has yet to be determined by law or mutual consent, a man or woman may file to begin the paternity process to decide the paternity of a child.  If the child is unborn, only the Mother may bring a proceeding during pregnancy.

Jane Goodlaw has years of experience in representing both men and women in Orlando paternity cases, and she can represent you in paternity matters. If you are interested in paternity legal representation, contact us now.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is an alternative to contested divorce proceedings where the two parties come to the table to negotiate a fair separation of the marriage, assets and property in a transparent and honest manner.

An experienced collaborative law attorney in Orlando such as Jane Goodlaw can help you to navigate this process. Without the necessity to contest the divorce in court, attorney’s fees can be lower. Jane Goodlaw can help you resolve issues that are in dispute through this process to come up with a fair final divorce settlement prior to litigation being filed.

Alimony/Spousal support

A married couple may have different incomes and earning potential depending on their jobs and family responsibilities. Depending upon the length of the marriage and a multitude of other factors, one of the spouses may be due alimony or spousal support during and/or after the divorce.

Jane Goodlaw is an experienced Orlando alimony attorney who can help you obtain a fair spousal support payment whether you are the recipient or the payer spouse.  Ms. Jane Goodlaw is also very experienced in modifications of alimony to include termination of alimony or spousal support.

Child Custody

In many cases, children are involved when a couple decides to divorce. Jane Goodlaw is very familiar with Florida’s child custody or time sharing laws and all matters relating to children.  Whether it is parental rights, a Parenting Plan, the amount of child custody or time sharing for each parent and/or issues regarding the well-being of the child, Ms. Jane Goodlaw has 25 years of experience in all facets of child custody, time sharing and child related issues in Orlando.

Time Sharing

In 2008, the Florida legislature amended the divorce law statues to remove all reference to the words “custody”, “visitation”, “primary custody”, “secondary custody”, “custodial parent”, “non-custodial parenting” and the like.  Instead, parents are just “parents”. Custody or visitation is now referred to as “time sharing”. Parents must enter into a Parenting Plan.  That having been said, there is still a complex body of law dealing with parental rights and time sharing that each parent must navigate through. We can help you with time sharing or “custody” arrangements in Orlando as part of your divorce settlement. Please contact us for more information Orlando and Florida Time Sharing specifics.

Child Support

No matter what the outcome of child “custody” or time sharing, there is almost always some form of child support that is awarded to ensure that the children are properly cared for after a divorce. As child support attorneys, we can help you determine who pays, what is a fair and the legal amount to make sure your children are well cared for in the event of your divorce.

As your life changes after divorce, it may be necessary to modify your divorce agreement to correspond to those changes. The legal standard of proof is “a substantial change of circumstances”. You may lose a job, become disabled, have large medical bills or need to move out of the area. If so, our law office has a great deal of experience in dealing with divorce modifications. Please contact us to modify or amend your divorce settlement to meet you current needs.

Alimony Modification/Terminations

There are very specific instructions for modification/termination of alimony obligations in the State of Florida. Any modification must be the result of a substantial change of circumstances.  Many times an alimony recipient is in a supportive relationship and this can trigger a termination of alimony. Whatever the circumstances, i.e., loss of job, military service, illness or disability, retirement, supportive relationship, increase in earnings, etc. we can help you navigate the Florida Alimony laws and assess your chances of a modification or termination.

Property Settlement

In the event of your divorce, you are entitled to an equitable settlement or distribution of property as well as debts. If you are not sure of how much or which property or debt your spouse owns/owes or you jointly own/owe, we can help you determine it as well as a fair distribution of it.

These issues can be particularly confusing because you or your spouse may have entered the relationship with property. This is called pre-marital property and a determination must be made as to whether you have gifted any portion of it during your marriage to our spouse. Our law firm can help you come up with a fair assessment of what you are entitled to and a realistic and cost effective way to divide it.

Pre-nuptial Agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements cause a lot of controversy, but they are really simple in concept. They allow the parties who are deciding to enter into marriage to set the financial terms of their union before they get married so that they will not be bound by the distribution laws of our divorce statute. In the absence of a -re-nuptial agreement, then the parties upon divorce are subject to the divorce laws of the State of Florida regardless where the marriage took place or where property may be at.

Pre-nuptial agreements can be a great protection for one or both parties entering a divorce to ensure a fair settlement in the event of a separation or divorce.

Post-nuptial Agreements

Like pre-nuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements can protect one or both parties in a marriage. The only difference is that post-nuptial agreements cover the period after a marriage forward in time.

Like pre-nuptial agreement, post-nuptial agreements can help to ensure a ensure each party as well as their children are protected financially.


Injunctions are also known as Restraining Orders. They can be used to protect one person from another person who harms or threatens that person.

If you are in a threatening situation or being intimidated or harmed by another, please contact the authorities. After you are safe, please contact us to help you file a restraining order for your protection.

Domestic Violence

If you are accused of domestic violence, Jane Goodlaw can help defend you. Domestic violence charges can be quite serious, and there are many actions that can be considered a domestic offense, harassment or stalking, so allow us to help you with these charges.

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