Avoid Common Divorce Mistakes

No person enters into a marriage with the thought that it is quite likely to end in divorce, however the unfortunate truth is, 50% of all marriages end in exactly that manner. Avoiding common mistakes that people make during this trying process will not only empower you to control your financial future but also aid in the healing process.

Avoiding mistakes while surviving the divorce process will empower you, and give you control over the outcome. Be careful during the divorce process to not detach yourself from it. Choosing a qualified, experienced attorney and then listening to the advice given to you will empower you and ensure you get the best possible outcome.

When deciding the matter of property division, who gets what, it is important to carefully create a thorough inventory of not only all marital possessions, but marital debt as well. Items carelessly left off this list, or items that are assumed to be yours and not included only decrease your chance of a fair settlement.

Paying very close attention to possible tax issues after the divorce will allow you to avoid being surprised by a big tax bill in the new year. Ask your attorney to recommend an accountant experienced in these matters that you can consult throughout the process.

Attempting to either ease the guilt of the divorce or win your spouse back by being generous is a big mistake to avoid. Remember, you are getting divorced. This is a dissolution of your marriage. The division of property must be handled fairly and equitably. The realization that the property division was not fair, more often than not comes only when it’s too late to change the outcome.

Focus on the positives. You are starting a new chapter in your life, and this can be an exciting time filled with new experiences and relationships.

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