Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer?

Divorce in America has unfortunately become very common. Does this mean that divorce has become so routine that it can be handled without the aid of a divorce attorney? It’s understandable to think you can handle the case “well enough” to get you though the divorce in cases where both partners are willing participants, but is “well enough” going to prevent you from making mistakes that could effect you in the long term?

It’s reasonable to assume you can not know the legal and financial outcomes of a divorce agreement without first experiencing all possible situations. Imagine the surprise felt by the man who withdrew half his 401K retirement account’s value and gave it to his former wife only to find out at tax time, he was responsible for paying taxes and penalties for the early withdrawal. Of course the decision to not hire an attorney was originally made in order to save money. Mistakes such as these are common when failing to seek an experienced Orlando Divorce Lawyer familiar with Florida law.

Most importantly it’s vital to protect your interests. The ability to separate the emotional decisions that must be made with the business of divorce is where most couples fail in attempting to negotiate a fair legally binding agreement. Legal guidance through the divorce process in most cases is the least expensive way to go.

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