Is Your Spouse Having an Affair in Orlando?

If so, Should You Install Spyware on your Spouses Computer?

You suspect your spouse of having an affair. He or she is displaying the most common symptoms of an emotional or physical involvement with another person: sudden changes in sexual habits, mood swings, sudden improvements in personal hygiene and regular absences from home. You want to know for sure, and while contemplating a plan of action you consider installing spyware on your spouses computer. Is this a good idea?

Divorce has unfortunately become very common in the US. You can rest assured that anything you try, any idea you come up with to give yourself proof of a surreptitious relationship by your spouse has been tried. There’s no exception to this rule for installing spyware or click trackers on a computer. In a recent Florida Divorce Case the court held that the unauthorized use of spying applications to capture online communications is in violation of the Florida Security Communications Act. The court found that captured screen shots of a husband’s online activities could not be used as evidence in court.

See full text of the court’s decision (pdf)

When considering filing for divorce, seek the council of an experienced Florida Attorney first.The matters you take into your own hands could result in hurting your case more than helping.

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