Misconceptions Regarding Divorce

The 4 Most Common Misconceptions Regarding Divorce

Many people believe that a period of cohabitation prior to marriage can assist in determining if your significant other is truly your life mate. Although on the surface this sounds like a solid plan… try before you buy… the facts tell a different story. Several studies have shown couples who live together before marriage have a significantly higher chance to get a divorce in the first 10 years of marriage than when the more traditional route is followed.

Children from broken marriages have a much higher divorce rate than children from parents who are together for life. This goes against the popular belief that children will be more cautious when choosing their mate based on their parents life experiences.

The common belief is that second marriages tend to last longer than first marriages. This is a misconception also as studies have shown that the divorce rate among second marriages is actually higher than in first marriages.

Many believe that is it usually the man that starts the divorce process. Studies tell a different story however as the facts show that 65% of divorces are initiated by the man.

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