Orlando Paternity Lawyer

Orlando Paternity Lawyer

When a woman is pregnant there may be a dispute over who the true father may be. Before any legal requirements like child custody and child support can be established, the paternity of the child must be determined. Both the suspected father and mother have rights in this situation and Jane Goodlaw is here to help protect them. Jane Goodlaw has handled hundreds of cases in Family Law and is a trusted Orlando paternity lawyer.

To determine paternity, the man may have to give a DNA sample for comparison. Once the sample has been examined and the man is identified as the father, child custody and support negotiation begins. This can be a rigorous and trying situation to take on by yourself. Our Orlando paternity attorney, Jane Goodlaw, has 25 years of experience in cases like this and brings that experience to the table for her clients.

Paternity attorneys take on the role of fighting for what the child deserves: emotional and financial stability. It may be that the father is declining to pay child support. Or maybe the mother is preventing the father from seeing his children. No matter the paternity case you’re experiencing, the child merits a fair outcome.

Jane Goodlaw – Family Law Attorney

If you believe you are being denied access or resources for your child, it may be time to take action. Ms. Jane Goodlaw understands the stress and inconvenience a paternity case can cause to both the mother and father. By contacting our Orlando offices, you can schedule an initial meeting with Elaine to discuss all of your legal options. The relationship between parents and children is one that should always be protected. Contact us to speak with an Orlando paternity lawyer today at (407) 898-3150.

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