Telling the truth during your divorce

“The hardest tumble a person can make is to fall over his own bluff” – Ambrose Bierce

Tell the truth. We were taught this at an early age. We know that telling the truth is the right thing to do. But will untruths told either to your divorce attorney or to the court really matter? After all this is personal stuff, is it really any of their business? The answer is a resounding yes! An attorney can only help you if he or she knows all the facts surrounding the marriage. The lawyer is bound by law to keep this information confidential. If their is a history of drugs, alcohol, violence or infidelity in the marriage and your attorney asks you, do yourself and your lawyer a favor and be honest. Chances are, your attorney has heard it all before, and there’s very little you can say that will shock or offend.

The same goes doubly true for what you tell the court. The orders issued by the court that will effect your divorce are made largely based on your credibility. An experienced Divorce Attorney will give solid advice regarding what personal information will be disclosed, but above all remembering that misrepresenting truths could not only have very negative effects on the outcome of the trial, but could also be against the law.

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