Orlando DUI Lawyer

An arrest for driving under the influence or DUI can affect just about every part of your life. It can cause problems at your job, problems at home and problems in your social life. DUI arrests can happen to anyone since it is often difficult to determine when you’ve had too much alcohol to drink.

So if you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence and need an experienced Orlando DUI Lawyer, the Law Office of Jane Goodlaw can help. A DUI arrest does not necessarily mean a DUI conviction. There are many circumstances that could lead to you being wrongly accused. Or, if you did have too much to drink there are a number of options to address your case to get you the best possible outcome so you can reduce the affect a DUI charge has on your life.

Orlando DUI Statistics

The statistics and penalties below are what one may expect if they are convicted of a DUI in the Orlando, Florida area. However, these Florida DUI penalties are not set in stone. Hiring the right Orlando DUI lawyer can greatly increase your chances of minimizing these penalties. It is also important to note that Orlando has one of the highest DUI conviction numbers in the state of Florida. So if you received a DUI arrest in Orange County you are definitely not alone.

The following statistics are from 2011

The State of Florida DMV records show that out of 55,722 DUI tickets awarded in the state there were 33,635 DUI convictions. Police departments issued the most tickets for Florida DUI at 23,649, followed by Sheriff’s departments 21,868 and the Florida Highway Patrol 9,328.

Below is a list of Penalties you can expect if you are convicted of a DUI in Orlando. These are Penalties for a First DUI Conviction in the state of Florida

  • License Revoked for a minimum of 180 days
  • $250-$500 fine
  • 12 Hours DUI School
  • 50 Hours Community Service
  • Up to 1 Year Probation
  • Up to 6 months jail time
  • Up to 9 months jail time if a minor is in the vehicle and a blood alcohol level .08 or higher

Orlando DUI Convictions

There were 1,383 convictions for driving under the influence in Orange County, FL in 2010. That made Orange County and the Orlando Area the sixth highest number of DUI convictions in the state. Hillsborough County (Tampa) had the largest number of DUI convictions in Florida with 3,256. Miami-Dade County was next with 2,274, followed by Duval County, 2,222; Pinellas County (St. Petersburg) 1,824 and Palm Beach County 1,561.

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