Welcome to the office of Jane Goodlaw P.A. Attorney at Law.

We have created this blog as a way to provide information about topics surrounding the major areas of our practice: Criminal Law and Divorce and Family Law.

Periodically we will post information that is relevant to both of the above topics. This info is not to be taken as legal advice, but just information we hope you can use. If you have any further questions, we strongly recommend you contact our office before you make decisions about legal matters.

We will be happy to discuss any of the following:

• Alimony
• Paternity
• Child custody/time sharing
• Property settlement
• Dispute resolution/mediation
• Domestic violence
• Modifications
• Enforcement actions
• Drug charges
• Felony charges
• Misdemeanor charges
• Domestic violence charges

This is just a sampling of the areas of our practice. For more information please call the Law office of Jane Goodlaw at 407.898.3150.

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